Which Philosophy Is the Best?

It is not Stoicism or Buddhism.

  • What is Philosophy? Direct Greek translation is “love of wisdom.”

  • What is Wisdom? “Quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” -Oxford Dictionary

Many philosophies exist in the world. Many have stood the test of time.

  • Buddhism

  • Catholicism 

  • Stoicism 

  • Taoism 

  • Any other-isms.

Since all these exist, the following questions arise:

“Which one is the best? Which one is right? At the very least, which one is the most effective?”

After reading books on both Eastern and Western philosophies, I’ve come to a conclusion. None of them. 

All philosophies, when you read their origins and ask what is truly being said...you’ll find that they are all saying the same thing. 

They only begin to differ when they become an “-ism.” Why?

Because what was once created by “The One” became stretched and thinned out by “The Many.”

When attaching “-ism” to philosophy, it becomes “mimic of...”

  • “Stoicism” is the mimicry of the Truly Stoic.

  • “Catholicism” is the mimicry of Christ.

  • “Buddhism” is the mimicry of Buddha.

  • “Taoism” is the mimicry of those who truly move with Tao.

Any “-isms” are diluted forms of the original messages. The “-isms” are shadows of the origins.

Philosophy, true philosophy, is self—created because the essence of philosophy is answering the question, “Who am I?” 

If one is sincere in answering that question, it cannot be answered by anyone else, but “The One.”

No “philosophical” person worth his salt has ever achieved “enlightenment” or “God” in a group setting. 

The very act of seeking “God/enlightenment” implies going away from all groups entirely.

Jesus left society and went to the desert. He eventually left the world and he “ascended.” Buddha left his kingdom to be among the ascetics. He eventually left them too. In doing so, he became “enlightened.” 

You can go to the seminars. You can go to religious congregations. You can go to all the Clubhouse rooms. You can listen and talk philosophy all day long.

They can provide comfort, mental stimulation, enjoyment, or a sense of community. At times, I indulge in these myself. These are not bad, by any means. They are all “nice” things. 

However, these are not paths to discovering “God” or achieving “enlightenment.” 

To obtain the philosophy of philosophies, to obtain Ultimate Freedom, this can only be done in solitude.

  • True Philosophy, like true meditation, is a solo activity. 

  • True Philosophy is discovered in Aloneness. 

  • True Philosophy is cultivated through contemplation and examination of oneself. 

  • True Philosophy does not come from the instructions of others, no matter how ancient. 

True Philosophy is about answering the most intimate question, “Who. Am. I?” The question of “Who am I? “ is only about “The One.”

Any “-ism” is a package deal for an audience. It is about “The Many.”

A package deal for The One? A one-size-fits-all concept that is meant for the self-cultivating individual? See the issue here?

The only time you can discover true philosophy in a “group setting” is at max, a party of two. When there is a genuine teacher and a sincere student. 

  • A sincere student seeks to understand, not know.

  • A genuine teacher seeks to guide, not instruct.

If both teacher and student are sincere in their desire to teach and learn, they both harmoniously become the same thing. Teacher and student become indistinguishable. 

I love Bruce Lee’s quote on teaching,

“A teacher is never a giver of truth—he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself. A good teacher is merely a catalyst.”

One individual exploring with another individual. One on One learning. This can be done either directly from a book or directly through a sincere mentor. 

But still…no book or teacher can ever give you the answers. They can point the way, but you are the only one that can walk the path to True Philosophy.

What is True Philosophy?

True Philosophy is self-created philosophy because philosophy’s subject and object are You. 

True Philosophy is the exploration of oneself while Wisdom is the understanding of oneself. 

Philosophy is your journey. Along your journey, you will encounter others. If they are sincere, they can direct you towards your intended destination. But remember…this path is only fit for one.

A path only for one, created by One.

So the real question is...

Do you want to copy another’s path forever? A path whose destination was never meant for you nor has room for you. 


Walk the path that has your name on it from beginning to end. The path that has direct access to “God” and Freedom. A path that is destined only for you because it is created by you. 

Is there a best philosophy? Yes.

The “best” philosophy is the one you create yourself. So do exactly that: Create. Yourself. 

In doing so, you will either clearly see your God like never before or become one yourself.

Thank you for reading my post! I sincerely appreciate your time. Feel free to agree or disagree with any of my opinions. Let me know your thoughts! I would love to learn and hear from you.

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